10 Aug

Hillary Fayle / Artist

Art & Design

Embroidery is a very static activity. You do it alone in a quiet atmosphere; Nature, on the …

27 Jun

Tiffanie Turner / Architect + Paper Flower Artist

Art & Design

Delicate, dreamy, gorgeous and gigantic… These are the words to describe Tiffanie Turner’s flowers, which …

23 Jun

Zoe Ann Lee / Illustrator

Art & Design

Illustrators nowadays don’t just draw anymore, they cross over with print making, or even 3D …

04 Jun

Benjamin Von Wong / Director + Photographer

Art & Design

These surreal photos are the creation of Montreal-based director and photographer Benjamin Von Wong, known for …

18 May

Nascent / Drawer + Animator

Art & Design

It is not easy to juggle work and doing the things that you love in …

11 May

Patch Plummer / Illustrator

Art & Design

Ahh.. final years, it is the time to get busy on fund raising events and …

22 Apr

Alma Sophia Design

Art & Design

Alma Sophia Design by Alma Geller, a gifted Norwegian jewellery designer based in London. Alma …

20 Apr

Takayo Kiyota / Illustrator & Makizushi artist

Art & Design

Makizushi a.k.a. “rolled sushi”, is a cylindrical roll of sushi generally wrapped in a sheet of seaweed. …

16 Apr

Emma Kisiel / Photographer

Art & Design

When you see a dead animal lying dead on the roads or streets, would you …